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My Fight movie-powerlunch production SYNOPSIS: My Fight is a film that brings attention to the difficult decision making process that most of us would prefer not to think about. How should an individual decide to treat or heal their illness in cases like cancer? My Fight presents these implications in the flesh as we follow Stephanie Ramirez through this journey, a raw view into the reality of a cancer victim as she fights to take control of her treatment. At the age of 21, Stephanie Ramirez was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer. After a painful treatment of chemotherapy, Stephanie found out her battle was not over and her left leg was amputated to save her life. This documentary is about her journey, as she picks up the pieces and fights to battle cancer, a beautiful exposition on what generosity and compassion is all about.

Stephanie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 21. After battling the illness through an aggressive treatment of chemo, her cancer was contained in her bones but spread to Stephanie’s lungs later on. My Fight is the journey of Stephanie Ramirez, a brave young lady who decided not to allow her dreams die. Ramirez is also a single parent of an active toddler, David, a beautiful boy who loves to run around. Unfortunately for David, he is not able to enjoy having his young mother chase him because her left leg was amputated to save her life from the jaws of cancer.

Directed by Daniel Montoya and produced by Elizabeth Hong.

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