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Biopic – Paranormal Investigation Documentary
Producer-writer-Director: Elizabeth Hong
DP-Producer: Daniel Montoya
International Title: The Real American Hauntings
For Distribution: http://tvfinternational.com/programme/17/the-real-american-hauntings

After a near death experience, Marveena Meek is send back with psychic, medium abilities to show that life goes on after breath leaves the body.

Series Synopsis

This two-camera documentary-reality follows the life of psychic medium Marveena Meek. After a rodeo accident, Marveena has a near-death experience in her twenties. She is sent back with extrasensory abilities that allow her to tap into the shadows of the spirit world. Over time, she discovers her new abilities, beings among us and how to relay messages from the other side to help the living. In each episode, this series provides a glimpse into the lives of people who are being affected by supernatural disturbances in their home and work environments. Through the assistance of medium Marveena, these individuals attempt to free their space of unwelcome, unnatural forces in order to regain tranquility in their home and work. This series helps the viewers understand that life goes on after the breath leaves the body.



Attachment- From The Shadows


A couple of restaurant owners are terrorized by negative entities and a musician claims to have been attacked by a demon while he sleeps. Next Marveena investigates strange apparitions by the waters of Caddo Lake.


Earthbound - From The Shadows


A poltergeist gets physical with a couple in their bathroom. Next, a family claims to be haunted by a force in their hallway. And later, after a museum acquires antique medical equipment, the space becomes possessed by the previous owner.

Lost Souls - From The Shadows

 Episode 3 LOST SOULS

A ghost hunter becomes haunted by dark entities. Next, a séance helps a man tormented by his nightmares and later on Marveena is called to a park by spirits who are lost souls. 


From the Shadows started when Marveena Meek called me about wanting to create a documentary based on her work as a medium. Marveena shared with me how she wanted to bring light to a specific part of her work as a medium. “You see,” she said, “there are many people who call me every day because they are experiencing paranormal disturbances in their home. I thought it would be an interesting thing to feature.”

This three-part biopic/paranormal investigation documentary was developed with one goal in mind: to share the concept that life goes on after breath leaves the body. I hope the struggles normal people experience when something unnatural happens around them, the fears and doubts these events cast on the life of these individuals, will make it powerful for the audience to contemplate the concept.

Through interviews and visits to residential and commercial locations that are being affected by paranormal activities, I plan to demonstrate how the spirit world attempts to communicate with the living and how individuals sometimes find themselves in these locations and situations. As I get to know these cases, it provides me with a feeling of breaking something open, and that is the point I want to get across. These people never thought before in their wildest dreams that such unnatural events could happen to them. They never thought before they would seek the help of a medium to regain peace in their environment.

My vision for the film is to focus on two aspects: first, the life and specific work of a medium and how this person deals with the ability to communicate with those who have crossed over, and second, the experiences of everyday individuals as they are confronted with extraordinary things happening around them–situations they are not able to see or find logical meaning for, but they felt or heard and now are not able to continue denying. Through their specific stories, I hope the viewers come to understand the life and work of Marveena Meek and moreover, that maybe there is an invisible world out there after all, one that could be divided by a thin veil between the living and the dead.

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