Director: Elizabeth Hong
Producers: Daniel Montoya & Elizabeth Hong
Talent: Marveena Meek
Supernatural Documentary

From The Shadows provides a glimpse into the lives of people who are being affected by supernatural disturbances in their home and work environments. Through the assistance of medium Marveena, these individuals attempt to free their space of unwelcome, unnatural forces in order to regain tranquility in their home and work. This series helps the viewers understand that life goes on after the breath leaves the body.

Attachments 1

A couple of restaurant owners are terrorized by negative entities and a musician claims to have been attacked by a demon while he sleeps. Next Marveena investigates strange apparitions by the waters of Caddo Lake.

Earthbound 2

A poltergeist gets physical with a couple in their bathroom. Next, a family claims to be haunted by a force in their hallway. And later, after a museum acquires antique medical equipment, the location becomes possessed by the previous owner.

Lost Souls 3

A ghost hunter becomes haunted by dark entities. Next, a séance helps a man tormented by his nightmares and later on Marveena is called to a park by spirits who are lost souls.