Director: Daniel Montoya
Producer: Elizabeth Hong
Executive Producer: Daniel Montoya
Talent: Stephanie Ramirez
Human Interest - Observational Documentary

After being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Stephanie fights to walk again. A story about strangers helping strangers and the triumph of human will.

My Fight tells the story of Stephanie Ramirez, a Youtube personality who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer at the age of 21. This film offers an in-depth, intimate look into the life of a young woman facing a terminal illness and the complex decision-making process involved when facing death. My Fight presents these implications in the flesh as we follow Stephanie through this journey. It is a raw view into the world of a woman not only coping with cancer at a very young age but also learning to accept her new body image after losing a limb.

As Stephanie’s YouTube channel begins to gain fans, her life starts to transform from feeling shut out and ostracized by society to wanting to share her raw reality with the world.

Mark Ashford – Prosthetist – Hanger Clinic


Mark Ashford – is a certified prosthetist and clinic manager at Hanger Clinic in Ft. Worth, Texas where he has worked since 1978 when he started as a prosthetic technician.  Ashford specializes in the fitting of both upper and lower extremity prosthetic devices, and is highly-skilled in the fitting of microprocessor-controlled technology. Ashford has worked with amputees of all ages and ability levels including athletes, children, and geriatric patients. He has also volunteered his expertise to provide clinical care to amputees in Haiti.

The film follows Stephanie for one year as her world is turned upside-down, through her experience, we see how young individuals handle everyday pressures and how the human spirit evolves when it is pushed into extreme circumstances in life.

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Jeffrey Long – is a board-certified radiation oncologist with 27 years of experience. He practices at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at Terrebonne General Medical Center (MBPCC@TGMC) in Houma, Louisiana, where he currently serves as medical director of oncology services. Dr. Long is also an assistant professor-adjunct in the department of medicine in Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He earned his undergraduate and medical degree from the University of Iowa, followed by his residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Iowa.

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